3 top connector brands you should shop from
connector brands

3 top connector brands you should shop from

In the electronics and industrial manufacturing sector, a connector refers to a device that helps join electrical terminations or points to create a full circuit of electricity. It is essentially a coupling device that allows you to create contact between electronic components, printed circuit boards, cables, wires, and other parts. Here, we will introduce you to three best connector brands that you can turn to for your home or business needs.

  • TE Connectivity
    In the global power connector market, TE Connectivity (TE) often ranks high on the supplier’s list. It is a world-renowned manufacturer, seller, and distributor of power connectors of various types and designs, creating good-quality, high-performing pieces that last a very long time. On their website, they offer more than 238,000 types of connectors, 493 connector categories, and 7,705 attributes for TE connectors. You can find audio and video connectors, connector backshells and adapters, fiber optic connectors, lighting connectors, D-shaped connectors, automotive connectors, PCB connectors, rectangular connectors, terminal blocks and strips, RF coax connectors, junction modules and accessories, pluggable IO connectors and cases, and much more. Trusted by millions of users, TE connectivity offers reliability and good product quality.
  • Molex
    This is another company that has consistently been making it to the top spots of global power connector supplier lists. Molex is a brand that aims to connect the world with technology and improve people’s lives in the near future. This home-grown company is a pioneer in 5G technology and connected technologies related to home, health, and mobility. It has a presence in almost 40+ countries with more than 100,000 products in its portfolio. The connector types that it offers includes wire-to-board connectors, wire-to-wire connectors, power connectors, micro connector products, IO connectors, backplane connectors, FPC/FFC connectors, magnetic and modular jacks and plugs, solderless terminals, terminal blocks and barrier strips, and RF connectors.
  • Amphenol
    This visionary company is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products. It designs, creates, and sells electronic, electrical, fiber optic, flat-ribbon, and coaxial cable systems. Its connectors can be used in cellular industries, data communications, aerospace, transport, automotive, rail, military, and many more avenues. The brand offers designs that are space-saving, ergonomic, high-speed, low current, light-weight, durable, premium-quality, thin, compact, water-proof, or heavy-duty. Its A Series and 97 series offer some of the most astounding connector models in the market. One of the best connector brands to choose from, Amphenol’s products are unparalleled.

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