Lesser-known affordable connector manufacturers
connector brands

Lesser-known affordable connector manufacturers

Connectors are accessories that offer a detachable electro-mechanical bridge between two different systems, usually two wire harnesses or a device. Today, several top competing brands offer expensive connector models. However, you do not always need a big budget for them, and this article discusses some lesser-known but economical options.

  • Yazaki
    What is great about this cost-effective best connector brand is that it offers a wide selection of custom-designed and off-the-shelf connectors that suit a variety of purposes and applications, not to mention environmental conditions. Yazaki engineers use leading design and manufacturing techniques to create connection systems that offer optimized performances, at the best cost, size, and weight. They even ensure reduced development cycles, simplified assembly, built-in scalability, and enhanced reliability. The manufacturer understands the evolving market needs and uses engineering and consulting services for data distribution and electrical power. The types of connectors that it offers include device-inline connectors, header connectors, safety connectors, high-speed connectors, and high-voltage connectors.
  • Foxconn
    A Taiwanese company established in 1974, it is also known as Hon Hai Technology Group. This is the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer and the premier technological solutions provider that integrates hardware and software in unique manufacturing systems. The company has dipped its toes into every conceivable sphere, such as automation, robotics, smart networks, big data, artificial intelligence, IoT, mobile devices, cloud computing, and more. In 2019, it registered a revenue of NT $5.34 trillion, and ranks #26 on the Fortune Global 500 list. However, what it has mastered is its lineup of efficient and high-quality connectors. One of its most iconic models is the USB type C female connector with gold plating, and another is the board-to-board 0.5mm connector.
  • Rosenberger
    One of the best connector brands, this developer and manufacturer understands special measuring and testing applications superbly. It is dedicated to making a variety of cable assemblies and connectors that can adapt to high requirements. It makes solderless PCB and solderable connectors, modular connector systems for frequencies from DC to 50 GHz, spring contact coaxial systems, and much more. Rest assured, the high-frequency performance and quality of the surface mount connectors from Rosenberger are unparalleled. You can find right-angle jack connectors, straight jack, panel jacks, bulkhead jack, and various other connector models with this brand.

Choose from this list of pocket-friendly yet reliable connector manufacturers for your home or business needs. You cannot go wrong with any of them!

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