Things to know about power connectors and their brands
connector brands

Things to know about power connectors and their brands

Power connectors are a crucial linkage between a power source and any particular device. Without it, the device cannot function. When it comes to consumer electronics, like desktop computers, such devices need to plug into a wall socket to be able to function. But when it comes to non-consumer equipment, power connectors are slightly different. Let’s read on to know more about them and the best connector brands in the market.

Definition of power connectors

A device that permits an electrical current to pass through itself to supply power to an electronic device is known as a power connector. These connectors can be used for a variety of purposes and it must match the need and electronic device’s geometry to be properly functional. They may work on either direct current or alternating current. While the former work on electronic devices, battery packs, and automotive accessories, the latter allow devices to be connected to the main power source in a building.

Types of power connectors

Other than those based on current types, the other types of power connectors available in the market depend on the duration of the connection (be it permanent or temporary), on removal or assembly method, on the location of conductive interfaces (also known as female or male), and the like. A few connectors also come with special features like vibration, water resistance, shock resistance, physical damage resistance, and more. Some can only withstand a low amount of disconnections and connections before they may fail.

Power connector pinout

The correct pinout is crucial for a power connector to perform optimally. This can make or break a product. Different manufacturers use varied methods to make wire connections. Some of them include soldering, wire wrapping, and others. Choosing the right pinout is essential to avoiding any accidental disconnections of the powered device.

Components of connectors

A few components of connectors include blades, jacks, pins, sockets, and plugs. While some of these are referred to as male connectors, others are known as female ones. To help you avoid a faulty connection, some models do come with a mechanical adaptation that lets it connect to the pinout’s appropriate orientation, angle, and match.

Top connector brands

There are several best connector brands in the market today. With the advancement of electronic technology, companies both at home and abroad have ventured into this ever-growing digital space to offer customers various models for varying needs. Some of them include:

  • J.S.T
  • JAE
  • Aptiv
  • Yazaki

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